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ILA Adopts a Library

ILA is launching a its first-ever fundraising campaign to help transform the lives of others!  We are inviting Iowa libraries and their communities to participate in this initiative.  Funds raised go to the Francisco Oller Library in Puerto Rico and will help them replace books and videos and other materials damaged in hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

The Francisco Oller Library is an academic library for the Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Staff and administration for the library will seek grants for the structural damages that remain and are blessed and humbled that Iowa libraries are extending our hearts and hand to help in any way we can.  Our goal is $15,000 which will go a long way in covering the cost of replacing books.  

What You Need to Know

When:  April 9 - October 5, 2018

What:  Iowa libraries raise funds during this time. Our goal is $15,000!

How:  Anyway you want!  You decide how you want raise awareness and money!  You can set a jar out to collect coins for April - September; you can do an event around Puerto Rico and donate proceeds; you can do multiple events if you want!  Partner with other organizations in your community to maximize your reach!

Why:  Because Iowa communities have such big hearts and the students and faculty at Francisco Oller Library need help!


Okay.  So as much as we want to raise as much money as possible, we thought it might also be great to have a little fun.  We've designed a little competition to help get the energy flowing! 

Peer Competitors:  We've created peer groups so you will be competing against similar libraries.  Check out the groups below:

  • Group 1 = Population less than 500
  • Group 2 = Population 500 - 999
  • Group 3 = Population 1,000 - 2,499
  • Group 4 = Populations 2,500 - 9,000
  • Group 5 = Populations 10,000 and above, includes County libraries
  • Group 6 = Special, K12, and Academic libraries

Winner:  the winning library in each group will be determined by a formula including money raised as a percentage the population served.  Winners will be announced at the annual conference. 

Prize: Framed certificates will be awarded and ILA will submit press releases to local newspapers. 

Submitting Money Raised

ILA will collect money from participating libraries anytime during the campaign.  All funds must be submitted no later than September 4, 2018.  Libraries may send the donation to ILA via the online form, or the library may submit a check along with the printed form. Important Note:  Money donated to ILA is not tax-deductible. 


Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Iowa Libraries Transform

We are thrilled that ALA has made the Libraries Transform logos available to state chapters!  We thought it was a perfect match for this project.  Iowa Libraries Transform!

Post Your Videos!

Want to introduce your library to Estrella, her staff, and her students?   What to share your activities/events with the rest of ILA and the Francisco Oller library??  Create a short video and drop it to ILA using wetransfer and the Communications Committee will upload them to ILA's YouTube page!