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Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC)

Committee Charge

Along with ILA lobbyists, actively pursue traditional and innovative opportunities to monitor state and federal movement that could impact Iowa libraries and/or the association; communicate such movements to the ILA Executive Board.  Actively engage members in library advocacy initiatives.  


2020 ILA Legislative Agenda 

Click Here to see the ILA Legislative Agenda for 2020 (Approved Oct 2019)

February 10, 2020 - ILA Lobby from Home Day

Contact your state legislator to say "Thank You" and to remind them how important you library is to your community!  They love hearing from local constituents even more than from librarians!  Find a way to get your patrons involved!

More resources to come!

March 10, 2020 - ILA Legislative Day 

Join us in Des Moines on March 10, 2020. We will begin with a legislative briefing from members of our ILA Government Affairs Committee and the ILA Lobbyist.

The briefing will begin at 3:00 PM in Room 310 of the Ola Miller Babcock Building located across the street from the State Capitol.

Following the briefing, we will walk across the street to the Law Library inside the State Capitol. ILA will host a reception from 4:00 - 6:00 PM. This is an opportunity for ILA members to connect in-person with our elected officials, thank them for their support of libraries, and share concerns and priorities

Iowa Libraries Transform Campaign
ILA invites you to participate in the American Library Association’s (ALA) Libraries Transform Campaign. Particularly as we approach Lobby from Home Day (Feb. 10, 2020) and ILA Legislative Day (Mar. 10, 2020), we see the importance of the campaign’s mission of “spread[ing] the word about the impact libraries and librarians make every day.” The campaign goals and objectives are to increase AWARENESS of and support for the transforming library, shift the PERCEPTION of libraries from “obsolete” or “nice to have” to essential, and ENGAGE and energize library professionals and build external advocates to influence local, state, and national decision-makers.

Here’s a quick video to get you started with the toolkit: https://youtu.be/RQvAJh9FRWU

Iowa Libraries Transform Introduction and How-To (2019)

Iowa Libraries Transform Postcards

Iowa Libraries Transform Posters

Building Relationships:  An Advocacy Webinar

The recording for the August 13, 2018 webinar is now available to ILA members. 

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  2. Find the Member Central menu (lower right side of the page)
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ILA in Action

ILA members with Congressman 2018

Legislative Day 2018

ILA members with Congressman 2018

Legislative Day 2018

ILA members with Congressman 2018

Legislative Day 2018